B2B Growth Hacking Strategies to Boost Your Business

Take a step into the future with effective B2B growth hacking strategies that will help you grow your business faster than ever!
December 23, 2022
Kyrill Krystallis

Looking for additional ways to grow your B2B business utilizing unconventional growth hacking strategies that your competitors have yet to oversaturate?

You’re in the right place.

For those new to Growth Hacking, it’s nothing other than low-cost highly effective marketing.

You can find two well-known case studies of companies that have growth hacked themselves successfully here.

Otherwise, read on.

B2B Growth Hacking Strategy #1: Cold Email

Outlook, Gmail & Zoho
Cold Email Suites

Cold Email is one of the most underutilized growth hacking strategies out there when it comes to B2B marketing. What’s even better is that, in most cases, most cold emailing companies don’t even do it right and end up getting their domains burned or even worse, consistently landing in spam.

Cold Email can be an excellent outreach/marketing strategy because it's mostly FREE.

It doesn’t cost you any money to send out an email.

Now sure, it might cost a little when you consider a full-on scaled automated email outreach, but that cost is minuscule when compared to the fees necessary to get traffic from other solutions like Facebook & LinkedIn ads.

Here’s how you do an automated cold email outreach the right way:

First & foremost, you need your list.

And it can't just be any list.

It needs to be a highly targeted list that is relevant to whatever you're offering and above all, bounce-checked & verified.

Once you have your list down, you then need to consider the Cold Email automation tool you'll be using.

Will you be outreaching using Snov, Lemlist or Instantly? (which I showcase in the video below)

Will you be doing a very small & targeted outreach using simple cold email tools like Gmass?

After having decided on both the list & the tool, one must also investigate satellite domains.

This is typically the part where most cold emailers screw up.

They think they can do cold outreach to a list that's never heard of them before using their main domain (the same domain their website is on)…

The short answer is YOU CAN'T.

A successful cold email outreach campaign requires numerous domains that are related to your company but disconnected in terms of deliverability.

You NEED to set those up.

Once those are done, you then need to consider the copy you'll be sending out & the sequences that will follow them. How will you pitch your prospects? Will you offer some free value upfront to hook & bait? Will go straight to selling?

Your copywriting approach is quintessential to whether your cold email outreach will be deemed a success or failure.

In addition to the above, another important consideration is the emailing suite you'll be using. Will you use Gsuite, Zoho, or Outlook?

This decision plays a key role when it comes down to down to your overall deliverability & convenience as Outlooks, for example, have poor deliverability with Gsuites & Gsuites like to lock your account when they suspect spamming.

These are some of the most important considerations necessary to make a cold email outreach work for you!

If you're looking for more information regarding the latest in successful & scaled cold email outreaches, I strongly recommend you check out the Cold Emailing Module in our Growth Hacking Course for the latest setup guide.

B2B Growth Hacking Strategy #2: LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn is where it's at

LinkedIn is big when it comes down to B2B Growth Hacking.

Companies & individuals are able to not only generate results using proven methods like LinkedIn Outreaches but also generate results using something as simple as consistent LinkedIn content marketing.

There are, however, a couple of things that you must keep in mind when doing content marketing on LinkedIn.

Otherwise, you'll just end up wasting both time & resources with no results whatsoever.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Tips

The days of viral LinkedIn video posts are mostly over as of 2023. The sure-fire way of getting views just by posting a quick 2019 Instagram style subtitled 1080 x 1080p video, no longer works.

What works extremely well now are LinkedIn polls, text posts & document posts.

But their success depends on the structure of their content.

Most of the top-performing LinkedIn content marketing posts that I am seeing now offer some sort of value upfront – totally free of charge.

Examples that I've seen recently include posts giving away data for free.

Or giving away outreach templates for free.

Value-first approaches formatted in LinkedIn's top-performing post formats are a sure-fire way to run a successful LinkedIn content marketing strategy that's bound to bring you in both traffic & revenue.

You can find more LinkedIn Growth Hacks in the video below:

B2B Growth Hacking Strategy #3: Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook is still worth it

Facebook has been gradually declining over the past couple of years when it comes to its overall daily active users.


There are still several valuable audiences on there that no other platform possesses.

Older-aged demographics don't frequent TikTok or Instagram.

Instead, they choose Facebook as it's a platform that's simple & one they're used to.

Targeting older aged C-Level executives that have key decision making powers on platforms like TikTok & Instagram might work.

But the results you get from Facebook Ads placed solely on the Facebook Feed will typically be much better & cheaper.

Always go where the audience is. Never go against the flow.

Most Facebook B2B ads, however, suck bad!

The reason behind this is simple.

Their copy is way too "corpo" (corporate fluff) and they fail to follow some of the Facebook Ad best practices that successful advertisers follow.

Tips when running B2B Facebook Ads

  • Use User Generated Content as ads – this will work even better if you launch an ad using a customer testimonial as the graphic for the ad itself.
  • Use Facebook Lead Ads with a high-intent lead form setup – high-intent lead forms typically consist of numerous questions which increase the overall submission friction but guarantee that the leads you'll be getting are interested in your offering & are worth reaching out to.
  • Give out FREE VALUE within your ad using the copy & the graphic – entice your audience to engage with your Facebook ad by offering them free value in return, in the form of a potential free consultation, free download, free legibility check, free services, etc.

Here's a video I filmed on how to successfully use the Value-First approach in your copywriting:

These are just some of the tips to keep in mind when running B2B Facebook Ads.

For more information regarding running highly converting Facebook Ads, make sure to check out the Facebook Ads module in our Growth Hacking Course.

Conclusively speaking:

These are just some of the B2B growth hacking strategies that you can test out for your business or start-up.

Some will work for you and some might not, but that is the essence of Growth Hacking.

Constant testing and analysing.

Analyse your failures just like you would analyse your successes, use that information to optimize and it will only be a matter of time till you find a growth hacking strategy that's right for your business.

If you enjoyed this article and are looking for additional low-cost highly marketing strategies that you can apply to your business starting TODAY, then I recommend you check out our Growth Hacking Course, the Growth Hacking Bootcamp.

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