Cold Email Warm Up - How To Make Cold Emails Work for You

Cold Email is an effective way to reach out to potential customers. But it's also one of the trickiest to setup if you don't understand how Cold Email Warm Up works...
December 12, 2022

Cold emails are some of the most powerful tools in sales & lead generation. 

It’s a simple way to connect with someone who might buy your product or service. 

Successful cold email conversation
Snippet of successful cold email campaign

But understanding this isn't quite enough. 

A successful cold emailer must also understand some of the technicalities involved with setting up cold email satellite domains, necessary DNS records, warm up schedules, and much more. 

Most of the information online on Cold Emails is DEAD WRONG!

You read that right!

Most of the available information online on cold emailing is totally INCORRECT.

Cold Emails landing in spam
Relying on wrong info will get you in SPAM!

One of the biggest misconceptions that marketers make when it comes to cold emailing is sending out emails from their main domains. 

That can be a deadly mistake as it will not only destroy the deliverability of your own domain but can also get your domain both blacklisted & delisted. 

Warming up Cold Email domains is a step in the right direction. 

Cold Emailers intending to run big & successful campaigns must not only warm up their emails but must also set up so-called Satellite domains. 

Satellite domains are essentially domains surrounding your main domain in relevance. 

Say you own 

A satelite domain would be or

These are domains that are relevant to your business but are not tied to your main domain in terms of cold email deliverability. 

Purchasing these domains is super easy. 

You can purchase additional domains for less than a dollar using Hosts like Godaddy & 

Once they're purchased you need to setup their DNS settings & make sure that you've setup the necessary DKIM, DMARC and SPF records for utmost deliverability. 

Cold Email DNS Settings
Example of setup cold email DNS settings for Zoho.

And only then, do you start warming up your cold email domains. 

Warming up Cold Email domains with the right tools. 

Once all of the aforementioned steps are done, you can then start warming up your domains. 

Within the Growth Hacking Bootcamp, #1 Growth Hacking Course, we typically advise our members to warm up a domain for approximately a week before sending out campaigns. 

This gives your cold email domains the right amount of time set up their deliverability for success. 

The tools we typically recommend for the cold email warm up process are or

Instantly itself is a full suite cold email automated outreach tool. warm up feature
Instantly's Warm Up Dashboard.

And Warmupinbox is a simple to use & easy to set up warm up tool that not only works, but also warms up your domain across a wide variety of inboxes including Outlook. 

Warming up Cold Email domains never stops. 

This is what separates the cold email novices from the cold email experts. 

As soon as domain starts sending a certain cold email outreach it's deliverability will ALWAYS DROP no matter what you do. 

You need to be aware of this and monitor your domains deliverability using monitoring tools like Glockapps

Once your domains deliverability has dropped below a certain percentage, the domain needs to be plugged back into warming for a few days. 

You might also have to manually remove from certain blacklists. 

Again, warming never stops. 

Become a Cold Email Expert

If you really want to master the art of cold emails & learn how to generate business steadily whilst avoiding the spam box then you should definitely consider joining our Growth Hacking Course, the Growth Hacking Bootcamp.

Growth Hacking Bootcamp
Cold Email Module in the Growth Hacking Bootcamp

We've got an ENTIRE module dedicated to Cold Email where we cover the latest in:

  • Cold Email Automation Tools
  • Cold Email Warm Up Tools
  • Cold Email Rotation Strategies
  • Cold Email Copywriting 
  • Cold Email Scraping
  • And much more. 

Here's what our latest member said about the bootcamp:

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