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August 4, 2023
Kyrill Krystallis

Growth Hacking is nothing other than identifying and utilizing low-cost highly effective marketing strategies. 

Twitter (now known as X) is an excellent platform for growth hacking as it's a well-established social media platform with a wide array of relevant sub-communities. 

In crypto? 

Growth hack Twitter for its crypto audience. 

In SaaS? 

Growth hack Twitter for its money Twitter audience. 

In politics?

Growth hack Twitter for its political audience. 

The list goes on. 

This article will be focusing on the following growth hacks that you can apply to your Twitter marketing strategy starting from TODAY.

  • Replying to big accounts
  • Getting Twitter Blue
  • Keeping your account personal
  • Tweet on Trends
  • Hosting Twitter Spaces
  • Tweeting Threads
  • Launching Twitter Ads

We'll also be covering some more broad tips & strategies regarding Twitter Growth Hacking. 

Twitter Growth Hacking Strategy #1 - Replying To Big Accounts

Elon Twitter Post
Everybody wants a top reply on Elon's post 👆

The best way to growth hack your Twitter growth, especially when you're just starting, is none other than identifying big accounts within your niche & replying to their every single post. 

The results of this strategy are equivalent to free traffic. 

Here are some snippets of results I've been able to attain using this strategy:

Twitter Reply Strategy
153,000 Impressions from a single reply 👆

A single witty reply to a big account has netted me a total of 153k impressions, 1959 engagements, and 107 profile visits. 

None of those profile visits converted into followers as this was from my personal account where I don't post much but you get the gist. 

An enticing, well-optimized profile will easily convert into followers.

The reply strategy is simple. 

Firstly, you need to identify big accounts worth replying to. 

The current account that everyone is currently after is that of Elon Musk, however, I advise against it as it's way too oversaturated with competition. 

The chance of your reply being seen on that account is minimal. 

Instead, I recommend you find other Twitter influencers with a follower count of 200k+ 

Once you've identified them, follow them.

The next step requires you to be quick as the initial replies typically get the most traction. 

As soon as the influencer posts, you'll want to post a reply that's either witty, educational, or funny. 

Rinse & repeat this growth hacking strategy as much as you want and you'll slowly start to see engagement, impressions, and followers trickling in. 

Another excellent tip is to have Twitter Blue activated on the account you're using as this prioritizes your reply over non-Twitter blue users, which we'll be covering in the next strategy. 

Another Twitter Growth Hacking Tip:

Twitter Lead Magnet Example
Example of a Twitter Lead Magnet 👆

Hosting contests, giveaways & lead magnets (you can use the same lead magnet strategy like on LinkedIn) is an effective strategy to quickly increase your Twitter followers & post engagement.

Typically, participants in these tweets & lead magnets are likely to be interested in your products or services.

As part of the participation process, they often provide personal information like names and email addresses, creating a valuable list of potential leads for your business.

You can then utilize email marketing tools such as Convertkit to communicate with these leads. 

Twitter Growth Hacking Strategy #2 - Getting Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue Analytics
Twitter Analytics on account with Twitter Blue 👆

Elon Musk launched Twitter Blue to counter platform botting and scraping. 

Accounts without Twitter Blue are significantly inferior to accounts with Twitter Blue in terms of reach, limits, DM capabilities, and overall platform usability. 

Getting Twitter Blue is definitely worth it if you're serious about your Twitter game and should be treated as a micro-investment. 

Here's a snippet showing the top replies to Elon Musk's post:

Elon Musk Tweet Replies
Most visible replies have Twitter Blue 👆

Note how all the top posts are those of Twitter Blue users. 

Additionally, Twitter Blue users have a significantly higher chance of appearing on other people's For You pages

Trying to do Twitter content marketing or growth hacking without Twitter Blue is literally life on HARD MODE.

Additionally, DMing non-followers has recently been limited to Twitter Blue subscribers ONLY

Definitely worth it.

Twitter Growth Hacking Strategy #3 - Keeping Your Account Personal

In addition to Twitter Blue, Twitter users are also noticing a rather significant boost in overall post reach when their account is personal & not professional. 

I am guessing the reason for that is alike to all other social media platforms. 

Professional pages typically suggest that the page has business motivation, which means that the business is likely to test out ads for reach. 

Social media platforms capitalize on this by restricting the overall organic reach of businesses in an effort to push them to use the ad platform. 

Personal profiles typically remain unaffected. 

Definitely worth it to keep the profile both personal & Twitter Blue activated for maximum reach. 

Twitter (X) Growth Hacking Strategy #4 - Tweeting on Trends

Twitter Trending Page
Twitter Trending Page 👆

A great practice in content marketing is to always produce content in relation to what is currently trending. 

And no, I am not asking you to become a soulless influencer who changes his/her personality & views based on what's trending at the moment. 

Instead, what I am asking you to do is identify what's currently trending at the moment and add your expertise & opinions to it. 

To identify what's currently trending you can easily use the Twitter Trends For You tab, or Google Trends

Once you've done that, you can start crafting Tweets in relation to what's hot at the moment. 

The chances of your Tweet popping off are significantly higher with this strategy than if you were tweeting about stuff no one cares about. 

Now, also note, that it's ok to tweet about stuff that's not trending at the moment as long as the tweet is relevant to the interests of the niche you're targeting. 

Otherwise just focus on what's trending, for maximal growth, and post threads as opposed to short-form tweets, which we'll be covering in the next recommended growth hacking strategy. 


Expert Twitter Growth Hacking Tip:

Twitter hashtags
Twitter Hashtags get reach of their own 👆

Incorporating hashtags into your tweets can significantly enhance their visibility. 

By using pertinent hashtags, you increase the likelihood of your tweets being seen and interacted with. High levels of engagement, such as likes, comments, and retweets, can notably improve your engagement rate and relevance.

Invest time and energy in understanding the market and current trends to identify trending keywords within your niche. 

Twitter Growth Hacking Strategy #5 - Tweeting Long-Form Threads

twitter thread example
Twitter Thread Example 👆

Long-form threads have been taking over Twitter like the plague. 

The reason behind this is very simple. 

Creators are realizing that threads generally perform a lot better than single tweets, and Twitter users are actually enjoying them. 

There's a lot more value to be consumed in an article that's structured as a Twitter thread as opposed to a single-line tweet. 

However, not all Twitter threads are made equally

What separates good threads from bad threads is mostly the hook. 

Hooks apply to all forms of marketing. 

Just yesterday and I was talking about the use of hooks in YouTube marketing to boost overall viewer retention. 

The exact same principle applies to Twitter threads. 

You want to hook your audience into the thread with the first two lines of your tweet, otherwise, they'll just scroll on until someone else hooks their attention in. 

The first two lines of your Twitter thread will make or break your content marketing strategy. 

Make sure that your first two lines are either shocking, humorous, insanely educational, or intriguing. 

That'll maximize the number of people you have reading your full thread and show the Twitter algorithm that your thread is worth showing to other users. 

PS* Another Twitter Expert Tip:

Twitter Poll Example
Twitter Poll Example 👆

Leverage the Twitter Polls feature to pose multiple-choice queries to your audience.

The anonymity of Twitter polls provides a comfortable environment for user engagement, as it eliminates any potential anxiety associated with participation.

This enjoyable activity is open to all, making it an excellent tool to boost overall tweet engagement.

Twitter Growth Hacking Strategy #6 - Hosting Twitter Spaces

Example of a Twitter Space 👆
Example of a Twitter Space 👆

Ever since the launch of Clubhouse, just about every single social media platform has launched its own audio-only functionality. 

LinkedIn launched audio rooms (which I explained how to take advantage of recently) 

Reddit launched its own version. 

And Twitter launched Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces can be an excellent way to further capitalize on the sub-community/niche that you're focusing on, especially if no one else in your niche is doing them. 

The strategy related to launching successful Twitter spaces is simple. 

Choose a topic that's relevant to your account's overall genre. 

Onboard big speakers with a big follower count. 

Launch the space.

The reason you want to onboard speakers with big followings is that their followers will then see that their Twitter account is currently in your Twitter Space, therefore, bringing you additional traffic. 

Make sure to also bring up big speakers from your audience as this will maximize the effects of this strategy further. 

Don't forget this Twitter Tip:

Retweeting your own high-performing tweets is an effective strategy to reintroduce them to your audience's feed and maximize their impact. 

This approach works particularly well for tweets that have previously garnered significant engagement, as it capitalizes on their proven appeal.

 By retweeting, you give these posts a second chance to reach followers who might have missed them the first time around. 

It's also a way to reach new followers who have joined since the original tweet was posted. 

This strategy not only increases the visibility and lifespan of your best content but also reinforces your key messages and brand identity. 

Twitter Growth Hacking Strategy #7 - Running Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads Example
Note that Twitter Ads now seem organic with no mention of "Sponsored" 👆

Last but not least, you also have Twitter ads. 

Now, I know that ads aren't the typical growth hacking strategy you'd like to see me recommend but it can definitely be one. 

Especially when other brands are boycotting Twitter (X) like what happened recently

Brands boycotting the Twitter Ads platform means that they're not advertising on Twitter, which drives overall ad competition down, meaning that you're able to reach your desired target audience for a significantly lower CPM. 

Definitely a strategy worth considering. 

Conclusively Speaking

In conclusion, Twitter, now known as X, is a powerful platform for growth hacking, offering a plethora of strategies to boost your online presence and engagement. 

Whether you're in crypto, SaaS, politics, or any other niche, Twitter provides a unique opportunity to reach your target audience.

This article has explored several growth hacking strategies that you can start implementing today. 

From replying to big accounts and getting Twitter Blue, to keeping your account personal and tweeting on trends, each strategy offers its own set of benefits. 

We've also delved into the power of tweeting long-form threads, hosting Twitter Spaces, and even running Twitter Ads.

Moreover, we've highlighted the importance of using hashtags, retweeting high-performing tweets, and hosting contests or giveaways to boost engagement. 

Each of these tactics can significantly enhance your visibility and interaction on the platform.

Remember, the key to successful growth hacking on Twitter lies in understanding your audience, staying updated with trends, and consistently delivering valuable content. 

With these strategies in hand, you're well-equipped to maximize your Twitter growth hacking efforts and take your online presence to new heights.

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