How To Get Marketing Clients - 9 Proven Strategies

Want to learn how to get marketing clients as an agency, solopreneur or freelancer? Find out the nine proven strategies explained in detail in this article!
December 28, 2022
Kyrill Krystallis

Finding marketing clients can be a challenge, especially for agencies or freelancers that are just getting started. That's why it's important to have a variety of strategies in your toolkit to help you secure new marketing clients.

In this guide, we'll be discussing 9 effective strategies for getting new marketing clients, including outreaches, content marketing, virtual assistant outreaches, and more.

Whether you're just starting in the marketing industry or looking to expand your client base, these strategies can help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

So read on to learn more about how to get marketing clients and take your business to the next level.

Cold Email Outreach

Example of a Cold Email Outreach
Example of a Cold Email Outreach

Cold Email is one of the most cost-effective & easy-to-scale lead-generation strategies out there. It can be applied to just about any B2B industry out there and can also work like a charm for getting new marketing clients.  

To run a successful cold email outreach, you'd first need your lead sheet (hence, the leads you're going to be outreaching out to) and the email sequences you're going to be targeting them with.

Your copy will strongly depend on the industry you're outreaching out to. If the industry is oversaturated with A LOT of marketing offers, then you'd have to apply our famous value-first strategy where you first develop rapport with the client by demonstrating your capabilities and only then focus on maximizing profit margins.

If your industry is less saturated, you can then outreach with a straight-to-the-point style template, inviting the client for a direct call/consultation with your team.

Don't try to close the client via email. It rarely works that way.

Closing happens exclusively on the call and is done only once you've qualified your client as suitable for the service offering.

Make sure to check out our latest guide on B2B Marketing for more Cold Email Information.

LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn Outreach Pitch Example
LinkedIn Outreach Pitch Example

In addition to Cold Email, agencies & freelancers can also find marketing clients through LinkedIn outreach.

LinkedIn is the corporate edition of Facebook, where everybody lists their company position, the industry they work in, their previous employment history, and much more.

So why not outreach to them?

You can even use your cold email templates on LinkedIn too.

Note that the initial connection request message is limited to only 300 characters, but once you're accepted, you can send as many messages as you want, and they can also be as long as you want.

Creating a lead list of people you want to outreach to is fairly simple too.

Just use the LinkedIn search bar and target individuals based on position, location, country, or industry.

Outreach to 100 minimum per day over the course of a few weeks and it'll only be a matter of time till you close more marketing clients.

Now again, remember that you won't close them in LinkedIn chat. Instead, you'll be pushing the leads into a consultation call/sales call, and that's where you'll be closing them.

By now you're also thinking about whether you can just automate this whole process.

The answer is yes, but there's a high risk of your profile getting banned.

That's exactly why I recommend scaling LinkedIn outreaches using cheap virtual assistants as opposed to automation instead.

Here's a video on the death of LinkedIn automation and why I don't recommend it.

Virtual Assistant Outreaches

You don't always need to be doing the outreaches yourself. Some people can do them for you on a wide variety of platforms – not just LinkedIn or email.

Virtual Assistant Outreaches use cheap Virtual Assistants from other countries to outreach for you for a fee as low as $3 per hour.

At least that's how much our VAs work for in our Growth Hacking Course.

What's nice about VAs is that you can also have their outreach for you on a commission basis. Instead of paying them $3 per hour you can agree to pay $45 per call closed.

The best thing about using VAs is that they come with their profiles which they're more than happy to adjust for your agency's/company's needs and using them doesn't break ANY terms & conditions as automation does.

Facebook Groups

Exemplified Group of Accountants
Exemplified Group of Accountants

In addition to the client acquisition strategies mentioned above, Facebook Groups can also be an excellent way to find new marketing clients.

The process is rather simple. First, you need to identify the relevant groups within the niche that you're targeting.

Once you've identified them, you then need to create the outreach sequence you or your Virtual Assistants will be using to get the Facebook Group members on calls.

Once you've done that, all you need to do is outreach.

But there's another thing you can do with Facebook Groups too and that's content marketing.

Successful content marketing in Facebook Groups usually consists of sharing outright value within the groups, creating a name for yourself, and outreaching out to the individuals that have started to trust you.

YouTube Content

Another excellent way to get clients for marketing is through YouTube Content Marketing.

That's exactly how I grew my agency back in 2019 whilst being a broke-ass student with no money for ads.

My strategy was super simple.

I'd create a list of things that people wanted to see that could benefit them in acquiring B2B clients.

Hence videos on stuff like LinkedIn automation, lead scraping, outreaching, etc.

I'd SEO-optimize the videos to make sure that they rank for all the relevant keywords I knew my prospects would type in.

And I grinded for a few months until the lead flow started.

And trust me, once it starts, it never stops.

To this day in 2023, I still get leads from videos I created back in 2019.

Here are some stats from my channel:

Kyrill Krystallis channel stats
Kyrill Krystallis channel stats

Additionally, if you want to learn more about YouTube Content Marketing then I recommend you check out our Growth Hacking Course for the latest YouTube Content Best Practices.

Facebook Lead Ads

Marketing Agency Facebook Lead Ad Example
Marketing Agency Facebook Lead Ad Example

Facebook Lead Ads are a proven & battle-tested strategy when it comes to generating new marketing clients.

What's good about the Facebook Ad targeting system is that you can target individuals that possess certain employment positions within individual industries.

In addition to the above, you don't even need to create a landing page. You can easily just roll out a quick lead ad testing numerous targeting options until you find one worth doubling down on.

Add some free value into the mix like discounted services, or a free marketing audit, and you'll have leads filling out your forms in no time.

Note that unlike Google Ads, which we cover below, the quality of the leads might be a little poor in terms of intent. Meaning that you will have to nurture them with necessary follow-ups & email sequences.

Google Ads

Example of agency ads
Example of agency ads

Google Ads are also a pretty surefire way to acquire new marketing clients – if your wallet can take the pain.

What's good about Google Ads, when compared to something like Facebook or LinkedIn ads, is that you're able to bid on high-intent keywords that only people looking for your exact solution would ever search for.

This though comes at a pretty cost though as many agencies are bidding on the same keyword, hence, driving overall cost-per-click rates rather high.

LinkedIn Ads

Ogilvy using LinkedIn Leads with Downloadable Content
Ogilvy using LinkedIn Leads with Downloadable Content

LinkedIn ads are also a client acquisition strategy worth mentioning.

They can be pretty costly and won't fit into your marketing plan if your margins are low or your ad is bad but what I do like about them is that you're able to offer a downloadable in return for your client's details.

The format looks exactly like a Facebook Lead Ad; your prospect sees the ad and fills in their details.

But the difference lies in what happens after the lead fills out the form.

On Facebook, you can just redirect them to your website.

But with LinkedIn Lead Ads, you can also offer them a relevant free downloadable like a case study or something else that they'd find interesting.

Use that to your advantage.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

Eric dropping content marketing bombs on LinkedIn
Eric dropping content marketing bombs on LinkedIn

And lastly comes LinkedIn content marketing which marketers are making a killing from.

As mentioned in the LinkedIn outreach section, LinkedIn is a "Corpo version" of Facebook. You can outreach on it, advertise on it, and you can also post content on it.

The content marketers that I am seeing stick out are those that are offering value first with posts like:

Here's a free list of 1000 VCs, comment YES below and I'll send it to your DMs.

We're going to do marketing FOR FREE for you for a month, comment YES below and we'll reach out to.

I've created a FREE tool that lets you see who is visiting your website…

You get the gist.

Value-first Content Marketing kills it on LinkedIn.

Conclusively speaking

If you follow at least two of the strategies mentioned above I have no doubt whatsoever that you'll be closing new marketing clients in no time.

The strategies have been laid out for you, all it takes now is consistency.

Furthermore, if you're looking to learn the latest in low-cost highly-effective marketing, then I also recommend you check out our Growth Hacking Course, as it will arm you with strategies that you can use both for your agency and your clients.

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