New Trending Businesses You Could Launch In 2023

Are you looking for new businesses to start up? Then check out these trending businesses that could be launched in 2023.
December 21, 2022
Kyrill Krystallis

New trends come and go, but there are always new businesses that will take off. Here are some of the most promising new businesses that you could launch in 2023.

Trending Business #1 - TikTok Dropshipping – Ecommerce

TikTok Dropshipping Trend
TikTok Dropshipping Trend

TikTok has been picking up as a platform over the past couple of years.

Dropshipping, however, is an old art which initially started out on Facebook.

The practise is simple:

  • Find trending products on wholesalers like Alibaba.
  • Create quick single product Shopify stores to sell the products you’ve selected.
  • Launch ads on a platform advertising the product.
  • Sell the product and have it shipped directly to the buyer from the producer.
  • Keep the difference between your price, the price of the product from the wholesaler, minus the advertising fees.
  • You’re now a dropshipper.

The issue with dropshipping, however, is that often the product sucks & the delivery times are absurd.

Who wants to order a product and have some weird unsatisfying version of it be delivered months later.

No one.

So Facebook started cracking down on dropshippers and banning their ad accounts en masse.

But now, there’s a new kid in town that’s more laxed.

His name is the TikTok ad platform, and that’s exactly what version 2.0 of dropshipping is growing on.

You can take advantage of it.

You can even check out our TikTok Advertising modules within our Top Rated Growth Hacking Course.

Trending Business #2 - AI Copywriting Vendor - Service

AI Copywriting on Google Trends

Another trending business that I am currently seeing is that of AI copywriting.

AI Copywriting is basically a service or a SaaS offering that relies on artificial intelligence models like GPT-3 to generate content that’s bound to be used for marketing.

Use cases include:

  • Cold Email Copy
  • Facebook Ads Copy
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Etc.

Apart from the idea of starting a SaaS business built on GPT-3’s API, a easy service business that anyone can start is that of being a Copywriting Vendor on sites like Fiverr and using tools like ChatGPT in the background to render the service.

Sort of like a service arbitrage.

You’ll essentially receive the order.

Plug into the ChatGPT.

Review it and make it better.

And then send it to the client.

A job that would normally take you an hour or two 10 years ago can now take you a few minutes.

Definitely a trending business idea worth considering.

PS* Highly recommend you check out the full guide I made on the application of AI Text Generators in marketing.

Trending Business #3 - Turmeric Gummy Brand - Ecommerce

Exploding Topics
Exploding Topics

Gummy Bear versions of EVERYTHING healthy have been picking up like crazy over the past couple of years.

I’ve personally seen trends of crazy concoctions like Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Bears, Caffeine Gummy Bears, CBD Gummy Bears, and more.

The formula is simple.

Choose anything disgusting but anecdotally healthy.

Turn it into a gummy bear, and VOILA, you now have a multi-million dollar business.

Gummy Bear versions of anything are very easy to make as you simply need the ingredient in question plus some Gelatine.

And it’s easy to scale too, as you can find existing producers selling Gummy Bear versions of everything on wholesalers like Alibaba.

Getting a custom order done for something new shouldn’t be that hard or expensive either.

The steps are simple.

  • Get the product.
  • Create a site.
  • Launch ads.
  • Optimize.
  • Make millions.

Trending Business #4 - Vtubing - Virtual Youtubing - Personal Brand

This one is super interesting.

So as of recent, there’s this thing called Vtubing or Vstreaming.

It basically means streaming online with a virtual character.

An example of a well known VTuber is Pokimaine, and she streamed with a virtual character quite a few times.

This is perfect for people wanting to build a personal brand without disclosing their identities online.

And I reckon this will trend up even further as concepts like the Metaverse mature further on.

If you find this idea interesting and would like to learn the latest regarding Growth Hacking Youtube then I recommend you check out the Growth Hacking Bootcamp for our latest modules on how to grow on Youtube fast and cost effectively.


Trending Business #5 - Twitter Ghost Writer – Service

Example of a Twitter Ghost Writer
Example of a Twitter Ghost Writer

The idea of using Twitter for marketing is growing bigger year and year.

Marketers, growth hackers & business owners are slowly discovering that you can use Twitter to grow both your personal brand, corporate brand, online community and even drive direct sales to whatever you’re selling.

And yes, all of this also applies to Twitter post Musk’s Acquisition.

The thing with Twitter though is that it’s pretty labour intensive.

Especially if you want to grow.

To grow on Twitter you need to Tweet 8-9 times per day and the Tweets need to be threads (which are essentially a compilation of tweets).

In addition to the above, the threads need to be good otherwise people won’t care about them.

And that’s exactly where Twitter Ghost Writing comes into play.

Many people want to grow, but don’t have the time to put into generating 10 tweets or threads per day.

Luckily though, some of them have money.

And their willing to pay somebody to do this for them.

Take advantage of it.

Trending Business #6 - Anything Device Repair Related – Physical Service

Laptop Repair on Google Trends
Laptop Repair on Google Trends

2022 to 2023 is considered as a pretty economically volatile era.

We had just stepped out of the COVID Pandemic.

Governments had just finished printing trillions in national A-Grade currencies.

And the world is tackling terrible economic macros and a potential upcoming DEPRESSION.

Terrible things.

But the good thing is that during ANY economic slowdown, one of the industries that booms is that of repairs.

During a recession or depression people fix stuff instead of buying new stuff.


Well, because disposable income is severely limited.

Therefore anything to do with repair is bound to boom.

If you’re tech savvy, do the repairs yourself.

If you’re marketing savvy, generate repair leads for the tech savvy guys and charge a cost per lead.

If you’re SEO savvy, start a repair blog.

You get the gist.

Trending Business #7 - Solar Panel Cleaning Service – Physical Service

Anything Solar related has been trending like crazy over the past couple of years and as the world transitions further to renewable energy sources, the trend is expected to rise even further.

Through-out 2022, electricians and solar lead generators have benefited tremendously from the Solar boom.

The lead generators would generate the leads and then sell them of on a cost per appointment basis to the installers.

The installers would then charge the homeowners anywhere from an average $8,000 to $20,000 depending upon their electricity needs.

The trend is both healthy and growing even further, but there’s one little issue…

Solar Panels need systematic cleaning otherwise their conversion efficiency drops drastically.

That’s where you come in.

Find the households that have Solar Installed and sell the yearly subscription service where you clean their Panels x number of times per year.

Charge anywhere from $150 to $250 per cleaning.

And then charge a $999 yearly subscription.

And VOILA, you’re in business.

More Trending Businesses

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