Reddit Marketing Strategies - 5+ Examples of Successful Reddit Marketing

Explore effective Reddit Marketing Strategy examples in this comprehensive guide. Learn how to navigate subreddits, create engaging content, and build a strong community presence. Whether you're new to social media marketing or looking to enhance your Reddit marketing approach, this article offers valuable insights and tips to help you succeed. Dive into the unique world of Reddit and discover strategies that resonate with your audience. Unlock the potential of Reddit Marketing Strategy today!
August 5, 2023
Kyrill Krystallis

Navigating the intricate world of Reddit marketing can be a lucrative yet challenging endeavor. 

With its unique structure of specialized communities known as subreddits, Reddit offers a platform, unlike any other social media site. 

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just dipping your toes into the Reddit waters, understanding the nuances of this platform can be very beneficial.

In this article, I'll share some hands-on examples of Reddit marketing strategies I've employed, focusing on organic strategies like the "value-first approach" as well as researching the subreddits you're targeting before you post. 

You'll discover how to resonate with your target audience, adhere to subreddit rules, and even leverage Reddit's organic marketing opportunities. 

Reddit Marketing Strategy Example #1

R/Growthhacking post on Value-First Approach

In this example, I wrote up a casually written blog article talking about what I call the value-first approach and posted it in r/growthhacking

The call to action of this Reddit post was simple:

"If you enjoyed this, make sure to drop a follow and join our growth hacking Telegram channel which is linked on the profile)" 

I didn't include the link in the post itself but instead included the link as the call to action of my Reddit profile. 

Example of in-profile CTAs
Example of in-profile CTAs

This ensures that your post doesn't get removed from a subreddit for either link spam or for being too promotional. 

I strongly recommend this strategy if you're going to be posting in subreddits where self-promotional posts are frequently removed.

Quick Reddit Marketing Tip: 

Reddit Growth Chart
Reddit is only growing.

Reddit distinguishes itself from other social media platforms through its rigorous moderation. Each subreddit operates under its unique set of guidelines and rules.

Should you violate these rules by posting a comment, link, or post that doesn't comply, you may face penalties

In extreme cases, this could result in your account and domain being completely banned from the site. Thus, caution is essential when engaging in Reddit marketing.

To steer clear of such consequences, it's vital to avoid sharing content that comes across as overly promotional. Redditors are known for their skepticism and will diligently investigate whether you're a genuine user or merely a marketer.

So, alongside sharing content from your own site, it's wise to also post intriguing and pertinent articles and blogs from other sources.

Steer clear of content that resembles a sales pitch, keeping in mind that the ultimate aim of Reddit marketing is to position yourself as a credible information provider in your field.

Moreover, repeatedly posting the same comment across various subreddits may be perceived as spam.

Hence, it's recommended to craft unique comments for each subreddit. For successful Reddit marketing, subtlety is key, and a tailored approach is often the most effective.

Reddit Marketing Strategy Example #2

Reddit Organic Marketing
Another successful post

In this example, you can see a strategy alike to the first but different in context, call to action, and the subreddit I was targeting. 

In this post, I created a casual blog-style article going over my favorite marketing tools as of 2022. (Note that the year is interchangeable as those tools still apply today. 

The post itself had no external links whatsoever and drove Redditors to check my email newsletter which I had included as my call to action on my profile. 

The value proposition of this post is simple. 

I researched the top-performing posts of this subreddit within the past year and generated a post alike to what has performed well in the past. 

The result?

Reddit Marketing Results
Some of the positive comments under this Reddit post.

Numerous newsletter sign-ups, tons of upvotes, and views.

This is a strategy that you can easily cross-apply to the industry of your choice. 

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Another Reddit Marketing Tip:

To embark on Reddit marketing, the initial step is to set up an account.

Though this process is relatively straightforward, the true challenge lies in establishing a trustworthy profile.

Redditors have a keen eye for promotional content and often avoid profiles associated with marketers, making Reddit marketing distinct from strategies on platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Your first task is to craft a Reddit profile that represents you as an authentic individual. 

Reddit Optimized Profile
Reddit Optimized Profile

To enhance your credibility, begin by posting insightful comments and links on threads that align with your interests.

Doing so will earn you karma points, positioning you as a valuable contributor to the Reddit community.

It's wise to accumulate a substantial amount of karma points before sharing your own content, as Reddit marketing thrives on community engagement and is most effective when you've fostered a close-knit community.

One crucial tip for Reddit marketing is to exercise caution when choosing your username, as it's permanent and cannot be altered once your profile is created

This underscores the importance of thoughtful selection, reflecting the unique nature of marketing on this platform.

Reddit Marketing Strategy Example #3

Reddit Post on Twitter Changes
Reddit Post on Twitter Changes

In this example, I used Reddit to drive traffic to a YouTube video that I created recently on the upcoming changes of Twitter under the new Elon Musk regime. 

I created this video just as soon as Elon purchased Twitter so it was definitely a timely and trending topic to post on. 

The subreddit I had posted on was r/twitter

This subreddit is a little more relaxed when it comes to external linking, so I wasn't too worried about including a link to the video at the bottom of the post. 

The result?

Tons of engagement, as well as views & engagements on my actual YouTube video. 

Here's a snippet of the comments I was able to get:

Reddit Marketing Post Results
Reddit Post Results

Another Reddit Marketing Tip: 

Reddit is composed of numerous smaller communities, referred to as subreddits, each focusing on a specific subject and overseen by a moderator.

The cornerstone of effective Reddit marketing lies in identifying the subreddits that align with your brand, products, or services.

For example, if your profession is photography, the subreddit r/photography would be pertinent to your field.

By actively participating in the subreddit with thoughtful comments and links, you begin to forge a robust connection with your community, gradually cementing your expertise in photography-related topics.

In the context of Reddit marketing, it's vital to recognize that subreddits vary widely in popularity. 

Some, like r/politics, r/news, and r/sports, boast millions of subscribers, while niche subreddits like r/copywriting and r/advertising attract a more limited but engaged audience.

While the more popular subreddits can generate increased traffic, targeting specialized ones often leads to higher conversion rates.

You may also explore posting in popular but broad subreddits for marketing purposes, such as:

  • r/todayilearned – Ideal for sharing intriguing news or trivia.
  • r/askreddit – A platform to engage with other Redditors, seeking their views and ideas on various topics.
  • r/IAmA – A space to divulge information about uncommon professions or extraordinary life experiences.

Should your content not align with existing subreddits, don't hesitate to create your own, taking the lead in your Reddit marketing efforts. 

You can invite fellow Redditors to join, and if your content is of high quality, they will interact with it, fostering the growth of your subreddit.

Reddit Marketing Strategy Example #4

Reddit Organic Marketing Strategy
Reddit Organic Marketing Strategy

In this example, I am going over more tools but the context of the post is changed to cater to a very specific subreddit. 


This subreddit is focused on the ability to develop web apps without the use of advanced coding knowledge, therefore I knew they'd appreciate a quick directory of good tools that they can start using from TODAY. 

After researching the subreddit, I realized that they're relatively ok with external linking hence why I linked back to my blog article directly from the subreddit. 

A Reddit Marketing Tip to Keep in Mind: 

Reddit, at its core, is a platform for sharing content. 

Users, known as Redditors, flock to the site in search of new, engaging, and thought-provoking information.

To truly stand out in Reddit marketing, it's essential to contribute content that is both meaningful and pertinent to your audience.

Success on this platform is marked by earning enough upvotes to reach Reddit's highly sought-after homepage.

After pinpointing the subreddits that align with your goals, delve into the content being shared there. 

Your contributions should harmonize with the existing material, as crafting relatable content is a fundamental aspect of thriving with Reddit marketing strategies.

Moreover, each subreddit operates under specific rules, and it's imperative that your content complies with these guidelines. 

Failure to do so can lead to a ban, so it's wise to adhere to the platform's regulations.

Subjects that often resonate with the Reddit community include:

  • Politics and current events
  • Educational insights and trivia
  • Personal narratives, including challenges and triumphs
  • Photography and artistic expressions
  • Science and technological advancements
  • Video gaming

Should you choose to explore these topics, ensure that your posts align with Reddit's standards.

In the realm of Reddit marketing, abiding by the rules isn't just advisable; it's essential. Otherwise, you risk exclusion from the platform.

Alongside maintaining content quality, crafting compelling captions can capture your audience's attention and foster engagement.

Your efforts on Reddit should be concentrated on delivering authentic and valuable content that enriches the lives of your readers.

Failure to do so may result in your content being overlooked on Reddit, emphasizing the importance of genuine and meaningful contributions.

Reddit Marketing Strategy Example #5

Another Reddit Marketing Example
Another Reddit Marketing Example

Here's another Reddit Post that I used to drive traffic to my newsletter. 

This one was pretty simple. 

I chose r/socialmedia and decided to craft a post that's focused on the results I've been able to generate using a certain marketing strategy which in this case was LinkedIn events. 

The overall writing style of the post itself was mostly instructional with a focus on the results I've been able to achieve as well as a guide on how to replicate them. 

Somewhat written like a LinkedIn lead magnet

The call to action in this one was again, the newsletter linked in my profile. 

By now, you can likely understand why it's important to optimize your Reddit profile with good posts, a good bio, and thoughtful external links. 

This post performed well within the subreddit and drove an adequate amount of email newsletter sign-ups back to me. 

Definitely, a posting strategy that you can replicate to the industry of your personal choice. 

Are Reddit Ads A Good Reddit Marketing Strategy: 

Reddit Ad Example
Reddit Ad Example

Advertising on Reddit can often be more cost-effective compared to other platforms. 

While the initial cost may appear steep, particularly if you're a newcomer to social media marketing, Reddit ads offer unique advantages.

Reddit's structure, which is segmented into specialized groups known as subreddits, allows for targeted advertising. 

Your ads are more likely to be clicked on since they'll be reaching an audience specifically interested in what you're offering.

Furthermore, these subreddits enable you to tailor your advertising approach. 

The users you'll engage with in these communities are often well-informed about subjects related to your products. 

This makes subreddits ideal venues for presenting detailed specifications, comparative analyses, and specialized information pertinent to your niche.

Note, however, that Redditors are extremely picky with ads and will even go out of their way to troll bad offers, therefore I recommend you start off with a retargeting campaign first just to get a feel for the platform before you begin allocating a huge ad spend. 

Reddit Marketing Strategy Example #6

Reddit Marketing Strategy Example
Another Reddit Marketing Example

Here's another successful Reddit post I did in r/digitalmarketing whilst focusing on a value-first approach method where I'd give value, and the hop that I hooked the user to sign up to my newsletter. 

The structure of this post is simple. 

I basically compiled my top winning marketing strategies for the year into a single post and gave it away for free. 

The call to action in this post is more of a discreet one, inviting users to sign up for my newsletter by clicking the link in my profile. 

The reason for this is that I realized that r/digitalmarketing isn't very keen on external links and will not hesitate to remove your post if you include one. 

This post got some decent traction in the targeted subreddit. 

Conclusively Speaking

Reddit has been an excellent traffic source for quite a few offers that I've launched. 

The secret to using Reddit as a marketing channel is to be as organic and genuine as you possibly can. 

Another great tip to take away from this guide is to actually study the subreddits you post in for maximum results as this is the strategy that separates successful Reddit marketers from unsuccessful ones. 

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