TikTok Ads Dimensions Explained + 7 Ad Tips For Best Practises

Read on us we cover the right TikTok Ads Dimensions & TikTok Ad Best Practises to help you maximize the results you get from your ads.
December 15, 2022

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TikTok has been blowing up over the past couple of years.

The content marketing game has become both oversaturated & competitive.

But the TikTok ad game still has a lot of room for results at a cost-effective rate.

TikTok Ads Google Trends Graph
TikTok Ads interest picking up as of recent.

The question is, whether you’ll be able to pull the trigger at the right time (when the iron is hot) and whether you’ll be able to adhere to the TikTok ad best practises for maximum results.

That’s exactly the purpose of this article, to guide you over everything that you need to know in order to advertise on TikTok as cost-effectively as possible using creatives that follow the standard best practises.



TikTok Ads Dimensions

TikTok is a video based platform designed primarily for a mobile first experience – meaning that all videos (both organic & paid ads)must adhere to the standard 1080 x 1920 dimensions.

The reason for this dimension is because it is the ratio that is best suited for vertical phone screens.

A schematic for a phone
TikTok Ad Dimensions are 1080 x 1920

The exact same dimensions apply for just about all short video format content platforms including Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, and Facebook Reels.

Creating content based on these dimensions is very easy.

Platforms like Canva allow you to pre set the content dimensions of the content you’re looking to create at the beginning of the creation process.

Whereas video editing programs like Premiere Pro allow you to set up the necessary dimensions & frame rates in the sequence settings of the video you’re editing.



TikTok Ads Length/Duration

TikTok allows for ads with a maximum duration of 60 seconds, though it’s very rare for an ad to be watched for the full 60 seconds.

The reason why is simple.

As per Wyzowl, the average human attention span is only 8 seconds long, and with so much good content being pumped on TikTok it’s very hard to get your audience to commit an entire 60 seconds to watching your ad.

Average Attention Span
Wyzowls' Infographic on the average attention span.

Therefore, shorter the ad, and the more straight to the point it is, the better.

Ideally you want your ad to be a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

If possible, even shorter.

Optimizing your TikTok ad length depends fully on your ad structure as this will help you visualize the ad delivery in an organized manner.


TikTok Ads Structure

Structuring your TikTok ad before you start creating content is VERY IMPORTANT and is typically 50% of the work necessary to create a successful TikTok ad.

TikTok Ad Structure
TikTok Ad Structure

The Hook

All content on TikTok, and other short form videos, must start with a hook.

The hook is basically the first 3 seconds of the content and its intent is to hook the viewer into the content itself.

Creating content & ads without a hook is the perfect recipe for having your content ignored.

And yes, even ads need hooks, especially when you run those ads to a cold audience as opposed to retargeting campaigns that target an audience that has engaged with your brand before.

Examples of hooks include stuff like:

“You won’t believe this…”

“This will blow your mind…”


The Problem

Once your hook is in place, you then want to have the ad talk about the problem that your offer can solve.

This shows your targeted audience that you understand the issue that they’re facing and that you’re upcoming offer is personalized specifically for that problem.


The Solution

This is the part of the TikTok ad where you say your pitch.

You previously pre-qualified viewers through-out the Problem section.

And now you’re pitching the viewers that have continued viewing your ad with the direct solution to the problem that they might be facing.

Note that the chance of them being relevant to the solution you're offering is significantly higher when you follow this structure because the irrelevant audience will typically hop off during the statement of the problem itself.


The Conclusion

And now you conclude your pitch with a direct call to action.

If you just pitched a newsletter, tell the audience how they can sign up by clicking the learn more button below and filling out their details.

If you just pitched a service, tell the viewers how they can book a free consultation call by clicking the book now button and select a time that suits them for the call.


TikTok Ads Format

Talking Head Style TikTok Ad
Talking head style format

There are many potential ad formats that you can run on TikTok.

They’re all video based of course but the options can vary.

You can, for example, run a TikTok ad where you have a happy customer pitch your service for you following the TikTok ad structure mentioned above.

The above example is called UGC (User Generated Content) and sells like crazy because it both pitches & provides the necessary social proof to ensure maximum conversions.

Another TikTok ad format is that of a Talking Head Style video where you pitch the service yourself following the Ad Structure.

I strongly recommend, however, that you avoid Text to Speech based videos as they’re inauthentic and lack the tonation necessary to make a sale.

They also sound pretty scammy…


TikTok Ads Subtitling

Subtitling your TikTok videos is very important.

TikTok example of a subtitled video.
Example of a subtitled video.

Not all people have the luxury of seeing your TikTok ad whilst sitting in a quiet place.

Some are on TikTok in a loud club.

Some are on TikTok whilst being in a loud construction site.

Some are on TikTok and deaf.

Why exclude them from your ad?

There’s no reason.

Therefore, it’s super important to subtitle all your TikTok content & ads to make the video easier to follow.

Subtitling is super easy as many video editing tools have now rolled out an auto-transcribe tool which allows you to have subtitles created on your videos FAST & FREE.


TikTok Ads Editing

Spend some time editing your TikTok Ad beyond then just setting up the right TikTok Ad Dimension otherwise people just won’t watch it and you’ll essentially just be burning ad spend.

I strongly recommend you also add B-roll into your ad to increase the video’s overall viewability.

Editing TikTok video.
Example of a video being properly edited.

B-roll includes video overlay of content that’s relevant to what your ad is about.

This increases overall audience retention and in turn, increases your ads conversion rate.

Meaning more bang for buck.


TikTok Ads Background Music

In addition to B-roll and good edits, it’s also recommended that you add in some background music into your ads.

This makes your ad significantly more viewable.

Artlist Example
Artlist example

Good resources for background music include tools like Artlist which allow you to select the genre that you want and be connected with songs that are relevant to what you’re looking for.


TikTok Ads Actors

Many people are against the idea of recording themselves for content marketing & ad purposes.

If that’s you, don’t worry.

There’s a pretty easy solution but it will cost you some dollars.

Fiverr Paid Actors

Fiverr houses many well-spoken & presentable spokespeople that are more than happy to present your script for a small fee.

Some even go as far as editing the full TikTok video ad for you.

To engage with them, you just need to send them a script and a few hours later they’ll get back to you with either a video of them presenting the ad or the full edited ad itself.

More TikTok Ads Resources

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