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What you get 🐱‍🚀

Based on a subscription of ($̶1̶9̶9̶) $149.99 (paid every 3 months🥜) Hence $49.66 monthly, peanuts... you get the world and more.

  • Premium Growth Hacks Updated Once Per Week.

  • Access to all our previous Growth Hacks (20+ Hours of Content).

  • Bi-Weekly packaged B2B & B2C Scraped Leads Delivered To Your Email. (sometimes)

  • Discounted Access To Growth Hacking Tools.

  • *1 Month of Linkedin Sales Navigator for free...* (If the link works...)

  • 25+ Perfectly Copywritten Outreach Templates.

  • Growth Hacking/Marketing Jobs.

  • Elite Growth Hacking Mastermind Call Every Thursday. (we skip some weeks...)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction - Watch This Before Anything 👈

    • Welcome to the Growth Hacking Bootcamp 💘

  • 2

    Marketing Theory 🍔

    • Split Testing Your Automation Campaigns

    • Increasing Your Prospect's Trust & Positioning For Thought Leadership 👑

  • 3

    Premium Weekly Calls 🥨

    • & Integromat Auto-Responder Integration 🥞

    • Q&A Session & Updates 13/03/2021 ✨

    • Ravi & Kyrill on Cold Email Outreaches (Personal Account Method + Torchleads)

    • V2 Sessions #5 - Instagram Automation & Jarvee Settings in November 2021 with Adi Ankonina

  • 4

    Growth Hacking Bootcamp | Session 1 ⚡ | Facebook & Medium

    • Growth Hacking Bootcamp | Session 1 ⚡ | Facebook & Medium

    • Updated Facebook Automation in 2021 👈

  • 5

    Growth Hacking Bootcamp | Session 2 ⚡ | Linkedin & Quora

    • Growth Hacking Bootcamp Session 2 🎯 | Linkedin & Quora

  • 6

    Growth Hacking Bootcamp | Session 3 🧠 | Youtube & Email

    • Growth Hacking Bootcamp | Session 3 🧠 | Youtube & Email | LEGACY SESSION 🥉

    • Updated Email Copywriting Q4 2020 + 5 Templates 👈

    • Setting Up DKIM & SPF Records On G-Suite 💲

    • Deliverability Analytics, Satellite Domains & Domain Rotation 🧶

    • List Cleaning - Separating the spammers from the marketers... 😉

    • 25+ Outreach Templates For B2B.... 📈

  • 7

    Growth Hacking Bootcamp | Session 4 💻 | Reddit & Scrapebox

    • Growth Hacking Bootcamp | Session 4 💻 | Reddit & Scrapebox

    • Updated Reddit Automation Method 🥽

  • 8

    Growth Hacking Bootcamp | Session 5 👈 (1st Q&A)

    • Growth Hacking Bootcamp | Session 5 👈 (1st Q&A)

    • Setting Up Lemlist Outreaches | Start To Finish 💪

  • 9

    Linkedin Automation in Q4 of 2020 | Advanced & Scalable Method 👈

    • Expandi + Fake Accounts | Running 18 Accounts Smoothly 👌

    • Linkedin Automation B2B Templates 🔥

    • Hyper Personalized Linkedin Outreaches + Data Enrichment (Part 1)

    • Hyper Personalized Linkedin Outreaches + Data Enrichment (Part 2)

    • Converting 2500 Sales Navigator URLS to Basic in less than 60 seconds... 🦄

    • Overcoming Linkedin's 100 Connection Limit 😲

  • 10

    Scrapes + Enrichments + Email Outreaches | Growth Hacking B2B ➕

    • Scraping, enriching the emails, and setting up Lemlist outreaches... 🤖

    • Clubhouse 👋 Profile Scrape - #1

    • Scraping with Octoparse 8 for free... 🤖 - Full Guide

    • V2 Session #3 - Scraping with Octaparse & Scrapebox in 2021

    • V2 Sessions #4 - Scraping & Outreaching to Celebrities 👀

  • 11

    Growth Hacking Your Sales Process 💰

    • B2B Sales Process & Tips In 2021 👋

    • V2 Session #1 - Setting Up Commission Based Outreach Teams

  • 12

    Twitter Automations 🤖

    • Running Twitter Message Automations With Jarvee...

  • 13

    Landing Page Design 📝

    • Landing Page Design Basics

    • V2 Session #2 - Creating B2B Funnels For Greater Conversion Rates & More...

  • 15

    Whatsapp Automation 🤖

    • Whatsapp Automation Basics

Regularly Updated Growth Hacking Sessions

"New Growth Hack Uploaded Per Week ⏲"

Growth Hacking is essentially the mix of "ingenuity and technology" all aimed at generating low-cost highly effective growth for companies. ​ As a craft, it's essentially no older than 10 years old. ​ Airbnb was amongst the first companies to bring Growth Hacking into light when they decided to auto-post their listings on Craigslists, hence, essentially hijacking their traffic and userbase. ​ We teach you to think in a manner alike to world class Growth Hackers, whilst also having the technical know-how to execute. It's a skill-set, an art, a way of thought, and essentially allows you to plug yourself into ANY company with the methods necessary to ignite that initial flame.

👉 Feedback till now 👈

"Insane Value"

Kristijonas Klimaitis | Growth Attacker

"Loved the content. Insane value. Already used a few things, like the microworkers growth hacks, etc"

"Loved it"

Wendall Gray | Entrepreneur

"Loved the bootcamp! 3rd session was crazy good value. Will keep you posted on how the Facebook automations play out. Thanks Kyrill."

"Highly Recommended"

Mario Nawfal | Serial Entrepreneur

"If anyone is interested to join me and the team and work with our companies, ping me. NOTE: We are only accepting EXPERIENCED growth hackers, so if you don't know growth hacking I recommend you learn it as it's one of the best skills to have (You can Dm Kyrill as he has a bootcamp, which I highly recommend...)"

What you'll be able to do after this Bootcamp:

Within 14 days, our utmost goal is to bring you up to speed and at a point where you're capable of utilizing the world's biggest platforms for your, and in some your company's, growth hacking needs. We'll be showing you how to Growth Hack:

  • Linkedin: ​ Hyper-Targeted Linkedin Automated Outreaches.

  • Facebook: ​ Mass Facebook Outreaches To A Pre-Defined Audience of Profiles.

  • Email: ​ In-depth explanation how to scrape search results and convert them into pre-cleaned email lists. ​

  • Whatsapp: ​ Scrape hundreds of numbers at once using state of the art extensions.

  • Quora:​ ​ Advanced rundown of Quora manipulation for using it to rank on search results both organically and via Google's SERP Rich Snippet Feature.

  • Medium:​ ​ Article optimization tips used to outrank entire SEO optimized websites on the keywords that matter most to you and your firm.

  • Reddit: Automated Outreaches &​ Content Marketing Campaigns Backed By Mass Upvote Bots that have the ability to substitute a start-ups entire ad spend...

  • Youtube: ​ ​ Advanced Youtube Optimization Ranking Strategies. Literally the exact same strategies we've used to rank within the top 5 results on hundreds of keywords.

  • Parsehub & Octoparse (and others...): Have the ability to scrape any database in absolute minutes.

Join our Premium Community of Growth Hackers.

Premium Whatsapp Group with 50+ Bootcamp Members 🔥

Our Growth Hacking Bootcamp isn't just another one of those mindset fluff-filled courses that you buy & forget... It's an entire knowledge driven community.

Taught by 👌...

Founder of Inside Insight, Chief Growth Hacker of WeAreGrowthHackers

Kyrill Krystallis

"I Initially started the communities that are actively backing this Bootcamp in an effort to learn more about Growth Hacking. I am a firm believer that if you want to rise amongst the best in anything, regardless of it being business or marketing, then make sure to surround yourself with the craft's top-performing players. Growth Hackers Inc. (my first community of Growth Hackers) was just that... A year and a half later, however, I've found myself re-teaching the acquired knowledge in masterminds, consulting calls and "one on ones" to those unaware of the strategies. This made me eventually think, "Why not systematize this into Bootcamp in a way where other marketers and entrepreneurs can bring themselves up to speed on topics like automation, scraping, outreaches and all those other topics most marketing courses don't teach..." This Bootcamp is exactly just that;

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Online Bootcamp by Growth Hackers - for Growth Hackers:

Inside Insight is not only a boutique Growth Hacking agency, but has also become a Growth Hacking hub of sorts within the past 2 years and a half.

We not only service clients on their "grey-hat" requests, and maintain a Growth Hacking Blog that's updated with latest growth hacks, but also host some of the world's biggest Growth Hacking communities consisting of the best of the best from a wide array of industries.